Handmade in Italy

Handmade in Italy

Italian Landscape

At Olivier Gerardi, we are particularly proud of the traditional nature of the making of our shoes.

Far from mass production factories, our shoemaking workshops are located at the heart of the gentle Italian countryside, between the hills of Tuscany and those of the Adriatic Coast. Those workshops have always been working in the purest craftsmanship tradition of both regions.

The craftsmen with who we have associated the Olivier Gerardi brand are all parts of legendary maisons that are keeping for some of them a more than 130 years old savoir-faire. They transmit their ancestral art from generation to generation only, with product perfection as absolute priority.

The making of each pair of shoes requires hundreds of expert gestures applied by highly qualified specialists. All those manual interventions are long, laborious and can last for days. They are a tribute of the great care and love that those craftsmen give to their art.

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It is how the pair of shoes that you will discover has been produced, entirely handmade by shoemaking masters. Each pair has also been made with the most beautiful leather hides selected and tanned with the greatest care in accordance with non-allergenic plant based biological processes, guaranteeing this way your comfort and well-being. All our leather hides have also been dried and stored for long months, resulting this way in very high quality series.