Prestige Guarantee

The Prestige Guarantee

1. The Triple Leather Prestige Line

A 2 years international guarantee is valid on any model of the Prestige line bought at Olivier Gerardi.

This guarantee is valid from the purchase date of each pair of shoes, as attested by the date on the order confirmation email received on your email address.

All the other Olivier Gerardi models and products that do not belong to the Prestige line are excluded from the 2 years international guarantee.

2. The Guarantee

The 2 years international guarantee covers any manufacturing defect that could appear within the two first years of normal use of your pair of shoes.

2.1 This guarantee covers:

- Major assembly and triple leather sole seam defects.
- Major heel gluing defects.
- Major sole and lining defects.
- Major leather coloration defects.

2.2 Is not considered a major defect:

- The stiffness of a new shoe, which will soften with its wearing.
- The minor tint differences between the right and left shoe due to the handmade aspect of the shoe's coloration.
- The wrong choice or the size difference between the right and left foot that might lead to a lack of comfort or an abnormal wear.
- The discoloration of the shoe lining.

2.3 Is considered normal wear:

- A slightly abraded or damaged sole on its supporting parts.
- A slightly worn-out heel on the inner or outer supporting parts.
- A slight patina or discoloration due to a normal aging.
- Walking creases.

2.4 Are excluded from the guarantee:

- The partial or total destruction of the shoe.
- Walking creases, scratches or cracks.
- Slight tint differences due to the handmade coloration.
- Discoloration or deterioration of the shoe due to sweat.
- The loss of shape, the sinking or the crushing of the shoe point, the shoe upper or the shoe counter.
- The abrasion, holes, rips, burns, grease stains, moisture, mould, salt stains or damages from any other substance harmful to leather.
- Damages caused by wrong care or by the use of inappropriate care products.

For all the products of our Prestige line, we refuse any responsibility in case use unsuited to unfavorable environmental or meteorological conditions. Thereby, sun rays, heat sources, water, rain, snow, sand and mud are harmful elements that might accelerate the aging of your shoes.

3. The Restoration Service

When you purchase a pair of Prestige shoes, it includes the possibility to receive on your request 1 restoration service in our specialized workshop.

3.1 This service includes:

- A general check-up of the shoes.
- The replacement of the outer sole and the heel.
- The checking of inner insulation of the triple leather sole.
- The replacement of the counter and lining of the shoes.
- The cleaning and deep nourishing of the leather.
- The refreshing and re-coloration of the leather in its original color.
- The waterproofing of the leather.
- The replacement of the laces.
- The replacement of the packaging's missing accessories (shoetrees excluded).

3.2 Guarantee extension

The intervention of the restoration service does not give any right to an extension of the 2 years guarantee of your shoes. A single intervention of the restoration service is included in the original guarantee.

3.3 Restriction

We would like to bring your attention on the fact that we reserve the right to extend our restrictions, or even to cancel the 2 years international guarantee of a pair of shoes if we notice that it endured particular mistreatment, an abnormal wear due to bad handling or an obvious lack of care. After an assessment of a pair of shoes, only us can judge an acceptable case or refuse the application of the 2 years international guarantee.

3.4 Additional restoration services & special requests

If you have already made use of your restoration service and wish to get a second one, if the 2 years time limit of the guarantee is expired or if you wish to do some specific repairs or transformations, you can send us your request by contacting us.

After assessment of feasibility of your request, we will communicate you our intervention price and the related shipping fees subject to your approval. The payment will have to be done before shipping your shoes to our workshop. We will also communicate you the date of reshipment of your pair of shoes.

4. Other Conditions

These terms and conditions are for information only and cannot be considered as a contract in case of dispute or complaint. We reserve the possibility to accept or refuse the coverage of the 2 years international guarantee or the restoration service. If this clause had to be executed, it would not give any right to refund or compensation.

If we were not able to execute the 2 years international guarantee or the restoration service anymore for reasons independent from our goodwill, this eventuality could not give any right to an exchange or a compensation.

The time spent in our workshop related to the 2 years international guarantee or the restoration service can take up to several weeks. Reshipment times are for information only and cannot give any right to an exchange or a compensation.