Who We Are

Who We Are

“A Story of Elegance”

Olivier Gerardi About Us Portrait

The Partners

Behind our brand name hides the partnership of two men who found themselves driven by the same passion for masculine elegance and an equally demanding nature for the excellence of the quality and tastefulness of the clothes they wear.

Coming from different roads and backgrounds, Olivier and Roberto both have a long experience in menswear and luxury products for men. As they shared the very same long-time desire to build their own brand and have the freedom to express their vision of style and beauty without constraints, they soon decided after they met to pool their energy and take advantage of their complementary knowledge to serve their clientele with their signature touch.

Beyond their dedication to make faultless products, Olivier and Roberto also share the same absolute conviction that no effort can be spared to satisfy one's clientele.

This is why at Olivier Gerardi, we strive to use all the tools technology has to offer today to serve and guide you toward the same goal that we share, you and us: to make sure that our products will always push your look toward the highest level of elegance and sophistication.

Olivier Gerardi

Olivier began his career in decoration and interior design, trade that he learned in Paris. He quickly began to practice it when he opened his first decoration boutique, which offered exceptional contemporary objects and pieces of furniture that he used to sign his first projects for a luxury clientele.

He has also evolved for more than a decade in the high end car industry, where he was able to define a different aspect of men’s luxury from what he knew until then. He spent at last another decade developing with success the retail stores of a local Italian menswear brand.

The common denominator of his career has always been the love of design and beautiful objects, and it forged his style and inimitable personal touch for which his customers have always rewarded him with a loyalty that stood the test of time.

With a brand that bears his name, Olivier can finally give a privileged and unlimited access to his world, to his vision, and to his love for Italian fashion to men of taste.

Olivier Gerardi Portrait

Roberto Portrait

Roberto Sarno

Evolving in the world of fashion and textile since the beginning of the 80’s, Roberto has acquired a great deal of experience in retail sales, distribution, and in the creation and production of clothing collections. He also masters all the technical aspects related to menswear, which he learned with various professionals from suit tailors to suppliers of uniforms for the Swiss Armed Forces.

After first experiences with Benetton, Sisley and Fiorucci, Roberto has cut his teeth in the creation and production of clothing collections at the French brand Donovan. He has also distributed famous luxury brands such as Versace, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.

At last, he has acquired his precious experience in the world of shoes among Navyboot, where he has occupied the positions of store manager, regional manager and purchasing director.

Roberto has a precious know-how and rare mix of Swiss rigor and Italian-style creativity, indispensable qualities for the success of Olivier Gerardi.

Our Brand Name

Olivier is a first name that represents the French spirit of taste. Gerardi is the name that embodies the Italian style and tradition of craftsmanship. Between France and Italy are centuries of History entangled by constant cultural exchanges that have deeply and mutually influenced both countries.

It is of this mixing of cultures - which we first and foremost have in our DNA through our family history, that we want our brand to be the ambassador.

Olivier Gerardi Brand Plaque