How to Take Care of Your Shoes

How to Take Care of Your Shoes

A pair of shoe built with a high quality construction and a superior leather can maintain its shape and keep an excellent appearance for many years. The only condition for your shoes to have the longest lifetime possible is to give them a proper and regular care. In this article, we guide you through the most elementary steps to follow and teach you how to take care of your shoes.

Wearing Them Correctly

Always use a shoehorn when you slip into your shoes in order to avoid damaging their counter. To slip into them more easily, loosen the laces amply.

Olivier Gerardi Shoehorn

By wearing them, the heat and sweat of your feet hardens progressively the leather of your shoes and increases the chances of deep cracks in the hide, and therefore a premature wear. In order for your shoes to evacuate naturally this humidity between two wearings, avoid wearing the same pair 2 days in a row. This will ensure the longevity of your shoes.

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Preserving Them From Humidity

Wet shoes must be dried in open air and at ambient temperature. Insert in your shoes wooden shoetrees that will absorb their inner humidity. If you don't have any shoetree, insert newspaper and compress it so that it takes the shape of the inside of your shoes.

Place your shoes on their side when they dry, so that the humidity of their soles can also evaporate.

Never let your shoes dry next to a heat source!

Using Shoetrees

When you don't wear them, always insert shoetrees in your shoes. This simple gesture is extremely important for the preservation of your shoes, as the shoetrees will make the counter keep its shape, will make the leather stay tight and will minimize the appearance of folds. Prefer wooden shoetrees for leather shoes and foam shoetrees for buckskin moccasins.

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Cleaning & Polishing

When to Clean a Pair of Shoes?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend to clean a pair of shoes according to the following steps after each time you wear them under the rain.

Beyond the rain, if you wear a pair regularly a good maintenance frequency would be once a week. Of course, the type of environment you live in (humid, dusty, etc.) will have an impact on the need of your shoes to be cleaned.

What you will need:

- Soft coton clothes

- Neutral color care cream

- A shoe polish brush

- A shoe shine brush

Do not use silicon based products for your leather shoes or cleaning rubbers on buckskin moccasins (risk of abrasive damage and skin whitening), as well as any liquid care products.

1. Preparation

Start by removing the laces of your shoes, and introducing wooden shoetrees inside them.

Olivier Gerardi Shoes Preparation

2. Cleaning

Slightly wet a soft cloth with water, and clean the shoes off their dirt and old polish. Let dry.

Olivier Gerardi Shoes Cleaning

3. Polish

Take the shoe polish brush, tap it in the care cream and brush carefully the seam between the shoe and the sole, as well as the heel. Then, take a soft cloth and roll it around your index and middle fingers. Make sure the surface of the cloth is flat. Put some care cream on the cloth, and spread vigorously in circular gestures on the whole surface of the leather of your shoes in order to nourish it. Let dry for about 15 minutes.

Olivier Gerardi Shoes Polish Brush
Olivier Gerardi Shoes Polish Cloth

4. Shine

Once the cream has properly penetrated the leather, rub the leather lightly with the shoe shine brush in order to remove the excess cream and to make it shine.

Olivier Gerardi Shoes Shine

5. Sole recoloration

Optionally, you can choose to recolor the parts of the sole's edge that may have been lightened by scratches or other forms of wear. To do so, take a darker care cream (dark brown or dark, depending on the original color of the sole) and apply it on the sole's edge with a square paint brush. Let dry completely before the next step.

Olivier Gerardi Shoes Sole Recoloration

6. Waterproofing

Apply at last a waterproofing product suitable for your leather or buckskin shoes, which will protect them from stains and dust. Shake the spray before using it to avoid excess foam that can damage leather and buckskin. Use the spray from a distance of about 30cm. Let the waterproofing dry overnight.

Olivier Gerardi Shoes Waterproofing


If your shoes require a repair, you can give them to a shoe repairer you trust near you. If your pair of shoes is included in our Prestige Guarantee, it can receive a free restoration service in our workshops. In other cases, you can contact us to inquire the repair and care services that we can offer for your pair of shoes.

At Your Service

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